Weather In January

January is generally the coldest month in Marsa Alam with temperatures dropping to between 14 and 22°C on average. Travellers planning to celebrate the New Year in Marsa Alam will still find the weather pleasant, with very little rainfall, around nine hours of sunshine each day and little cloud cover. Indeed many find January the ideal month to visit Marsa Alam as daily temperatures are less stifling and low cost holiday deals are available.

With Red Sea water temperatures of around 21°C, January is still a perfectly reasonable time of year to scuba dive in Marsa Alam. As January is outside peak diving season, the dive sites are also less crowded than the summer months.

If you do plan on visiting Marsa Alam in January, be sure to take warm clothing as evening temperatures can drop quite rapidly. You should also be aware that there is a risk of sunburn when conditions become windy. Although the temperature created by vigorous gusts of wind can be deceptively cool, the UV factor will remain constant.