Weather in February

February is one of the cooler months in Marsa Alam with average temperatures of around 19°C. The weather is nonetheless enjoyable, with ten hours of sunshine per day, cloudless skies and practically no precipitation throughout the month. Indeed with its warm and welcoming weather, idyllic surroundings and tranquil atmosphere, Marsa Alam is a perfectly romantic destination for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day vacation!

The water temperature of the Red Sea reaches approximately 22°C in February, heated by ten hours of glorious of sunshine every day. While swimming or sunbathing, the sun can at times be quite overbearing, although as with the other winter months, Marsa Alam does experience a significant wind chill factor throughout February.

When packing for a visit in February, be sure to include warm clothing for use in the evenings when the temperature tends to drop significantly. Summer clothing should be adequate throughout the day, although a light jacket maybe required after 3-4pm.