With sun, sea and sand aplenty, holidays in Marsa Alam are well equipped to suit all manner of tastes.

Marsa Alam Holidays
Marsa Alam Holidays

For many, Marsa Alam is the ideal diving destination – a gateway to the fabulous Red Sea far away from those overcrowded diving spots near Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

For others, holidays to Marsa Alam are all about relaxing in tranquil, paradisiacal surroundings, leaving those day to day tribulations and stresses far behind.

Whatever your ideal break may be, our guide to Marsa Alam holidays will help make your vacation one to remember.

When holidaying in Marsa Alam, there's plenty to do. Here's our guide to making the most of your Red Sea Riviera vacation.

Hit The Beach

Marsa Alam has some of the most beautiful, secluded beaches in Egypt, surrounded by palm trees, empty coves and crystal blue waters. Spend some time sunbathing in these tropical surroundings for total relaxation. If you're the adventurous type, hire a car and explore the vast surrounding coastline. You'll get a better view of the distant Red Sea Mountains and encounter miles of untouched sands.

Swim With Dolphins

The horseshoe shaped Samadai Reef is located just a few hundred metres off the shore of Marsa Alam. Nicknamed the 'Dolphin House', this shallow, turquoise lagoon is the permanent residence of over 100 spinner dolphins. While spinner dolphins are generally shyer than their bottlenose counterparts, they are still happy to swim and play with visiting scuba divers for hours at a time.

Dive In

Marsa Alam's breathtaking Elphinstone Reef is considered one of the premier diving sites in the Red Sea. The reef's underwater walls plunge deeper than 70 metres and are decorated with a plethora of red, white, brown and pink sponges, corals and fans. Whilst diving in the Elphinstone Reef, keep your eyes peeled for white-tip sharks, barracudas and angel fish.

Go On Safari

Head out in to the desert and try to catch a glimpse of the wild gazelles that roam around Wadi Gamal. A tour guided camel trek is the traditional method of safari, though you may prefer to hire a jeep or quad bike. There are also a number of guided sea safaris in the region, allowing you to discover some of the Red Sea's most spectacular diving sites.